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The Collected Homilies of Father Vincent E. Rush

Vince assisted at St. Joseph’s Catholic Community in New Hope, MN on weekends from 1970-1981.

He had a strong belief that the homily was one of the most important functions of the priest. He believed that it was the only place many parishioners got religious education and updates. He spent one hour preparing for each minute of his homily.

Many weeks his homily prep would be 20 hours. (For an example of this, listen to homily #15 on Volume One) He taped his homilies so that he could review them and try to improve them; and also to make an effort not to repeat himself.

Unfortunately, his homilies were in tape cases with little description. Occasionally the date, cycle, and season were noted. Wherever they were; we have included that information. There were no titles on the homilies. Titles were created for this production. There is no order to how the homilies flow on the site. They were loaded in the order they were found - boxes of tapes on a book shelf.

You can listen to any of the homilies by clicking on the title. The homily will play in whatever media player you have selected as the default for your computer. If you don't have a player assigned you can download one here: Quicktime or here: Media Player.

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