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Fr. Vincent E. Rush, Ph.D
"Freedom is the beginning of
everything. If there is any way that
we are made in the image and
likeness of God, it is in being free."
—Vincent Rush
Father Vincent E. Rush was a full professor of philosophy and theology at the College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN for twenty years. He came to St. Paul from Superior, WI where he was ordained in 1954. Prior to St. Thomas he was a parish pastor, high school principal, superintendent of an orphanage, Newman educational director, chaplain of a hospital and a retirement home. He earned four graduate degrees including a Ph.D. from Aquinas Institute (River Forest, IL). Father Rush is the author of The Responsible Christian (1984 Loyola Univ. Press), a 12 hour DVD set entitled How To Make A Moral Decision, and a 4 hour DVD on Decision Making Strategies from a secular perspective. He was voted "Teacher of the Year" four times by his students at St. Thomas. He assisted at St. Joseph's parish in New Hope, MN on weekends from 1970-1981. Father Rush died on December 2, 2005. He was 77 years old.  
A Vatican II Priest and Moral Theologian
Greetings and welcome to the site of Vincent E. Rush Ph.D. Vince was a Catholic priest ordained in the Superior, WI Diocese in 1954. His career was filled with education, administrative leadership responsibilities, teaching opportunities and parish work. The details of his life’s ministry are outlined in the section entitled Biography. Please reference this area of the site for pictures, chronology and specifics.

The main purpose for the Vince Rush site is to enable the public to meet Vince through his work and to restore their hope and love through the insights he had and freely shared. He was fearless, funny and adoringly honest. As St. Augustine said: Love God and do as you please. Vince was deeply in love with God and His gospel message.

There are 261 Homilies available to download or listen to on your computer under the Homily section of the site. There are 139 University and Parish Adult Education lectures available to download or listen to on your computer under the Lecture section of the site.

All of this material is free and open to the public. The only request would be, if you select a lecture, which is part of a series on Christian Morality, that you would listen to all of the lectures in that series so you would not miss any important qualifiers on living the moral life. Vince required his students to attend class to receive credit. He had great anxiety about students getting the wrong impression by not completely understanding the responsibility that goes with the freedom so necessary for the good life.

Should you want to download the material and create volumes such as reflected in the picture above, the cover art is available on this site via download HERE.

There are 2 videos available here on vincerush.com. One is the College of St. Thomas Promo and the second is the 25 minute preview of Vince's 12 DVD "Moral Decision Making" series.

The Articles section of the site are articles that were written about Vince. We have also included book reviews for his book: The Responsible Christian.
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